This Vessel

by Queen's Brigade

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She's looking at you with her perilous eyes And she tired of hiding and hiding to try And if lately the way that she turns away When you come is not personal in any way And you're tired of waiting and wishing and you Are awake in the morning with nothing to do And the way that the sun pierces into your back Is starting to make you start wondering 'bout that And the way the path Takes its winding up Is getting harder on your tired back And when the moon is dark And when the stars are out You find your way into the city where the lights are on Oh, follow all The people looking down Until you find There's nothing to be found So you asked for a challenge You asked for a test And your wishes were granted Your wishes were met And when it got harder You seemed to forget And you begged for mercy and begged for less So the tickets are sold And the trains have all left In the meantime when you were Between you and yourself You're wishing that you had The courage to pick Up your legs to the counter And wake up yourself
Kingdom 04:55
You were a city and your height was great You fed the masses with good things They raised you up and they saw you tower They raised you up and they saw you flower You were a carnival parade All the pretty things you made You showed them off amongst your brothers Your kaleidoscope of every colour But as you watch your whole kingdom fall The sky slips under and down The dust falls, crushing the sound And that sound is all that is left of your city You were the voice of the magazine The screaming pages in your dirty streets They raised you up and they saw you tower They raised you up and they saw you flower The subway walls held your disguise In the hazy morning hours you climbed The coats of tired men asleep On the dusty corners of concrete
Crash 02:54
When the lights spread a canopy beneath me The wings of this vessel bear me over the sea I will wait as the currents complete me As the tides overwhelm all the settling in me All the waves will crash into the ocean Crash into the sea They will crash their water weight together They will become a part of me We are all a collection of stories We all are weaving our way into peace And we slide our words into each other and They wind their way into each other's histories And when our stories crash into the ocean Crash into the sea We will pick our words up together All sea-salted and clean When the gap is too much to handle The ocean wider, our hands out of reach I will put the pieces together I will weave your stories into every part of me And when my heart crashes in ocean Crashes in the sea It will land amongst all the other hearts That will become a part of me Oh lay your heavy head Down on the distant Oh lay your heave head down And wander no more
In the morning when it's dark The geese know better Take their wings to where we're not And maybe we should know And maybe we should go So wrap your fingers, wrap them long Long and thin around our arms Wrap our throats in winter scarves Drown our voices in your song Clear our eyes up with your chill Freeze our breath, parading, still Knock our doors down with your fists Knock our doors down, come on in In the evening when it's dark Afternoon has taken its shadows home to where we're not And maybe we should know And maybe we should go
Deep Inside 03:28
Look deep inside To the darkest of places All I see is someone who doesn't measure up People around Doing great deeds Here I am - down, down on my knees Whoa ... So I wait by myself Like a book on the shelf Waiting for someone to come by and get lost in it So I look to above For your great love And watch it descend down on me just like a dove
Grow 03:50
Once when I kept silent my bones grew old The moths nested there in the marrow and the cold Once when I was quiet my body groaned And the flies and the sparrows joined the nest in my home But you should not stay For it is not safe For my feet are headed where the wind is great So you have to go Fly away sparrow For as the words tumble out they grow grow grow ... Once we were a people all looking at Each other but not seeing yet Once we were a people all looking at Each other but not seeing yet You'll find our tracks Lead all over the grass There and back and there and back Check their sizes so You for sure will know That as they lay in the grass they grow grow grow ... Once when I kept silent my bones grew old The moths nested there in the marrow and the cold Now I'm no longer silent and my spirit groans And the moths and the flies can find another home
Summer Haze 04:26
It was a summer hue It was a haze of gold and yellow You had your music on It was a daze of sentimental Days - lasted as long as we wanted them to The light started to glow And it crept in like under a microscope There are cities here Inside my chest they make a racket They smell colourful, they smell Like cigarette smoke on their jackets Strangers are - kissing in the streets As the sky explodes Like ticker tape and settles around their feet Like trombones and honey Is how you make me want to feel Like trombones and honey Is how you make me feel today Their kisses are what make me want To live forever Their kisses are what make me live Forever here Today
Under all the layers We planted a seed Don't know what it's growing Or what it'll be Drown in the anthem In the ancient prayers Sit in the silence And find yourself there In the winter I find though the days are so cold The sun shines brighter the colder it grows May your feet take you home


What started as folk has progressed to something more, giving Queen’s Brigade a unique sound. The full harmonies, splashes of texture from a diverse array of instrumentation, and interesting melodies offer something imaginative and engaging. From hints of jazz in Summer Haze, a darker energy in The Geese know Better, to the simple acoustic nature of Crash, This Vessel leaves the listener with a little bit of everything, while still retaining a linear coherence throughout the album.

The title, a lyric in one of the songs, illustrates the theme of journey and growth that pervades the album. With honest themes, the hope of the band is to both uplift and challenge their audience to look at things in a new way. Its whimsical nature leaves room for interpretation and links the mundane with a greater search for truth.


released September 25, 2013

Joel Jolly - Lead Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica
Beth Dueck - Piano, Vocals, Glock
Dave Ward - Bass, Accordian
Daniel Rempel - Guitar, Banjo, Bass, Vocals
Ryan Turnbull - Violin, Vocals
Yuri Hladio - Drums, Percussion

Alanna Giesbrecht - Guest Vocalist

Produced by: Yuri Hladio and Sameer Mukul - Sky dB Studio


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Queen's Brigade Winnipeg, Manitoba

Queen's Brigade's is a six-piece folk band whose thought-provoking lyrics honestly explore daily encounters, faith, and the constant motion of the journey through life. The band brings full harmonies and instrumentation, unique melodies, and quirky arrangements as it strays between a quirkiness, whimsicality, and sensitivity that captivates listeners and invites them to be a part of their music. ... more

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